Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Soul Sustenance: National Kindness Campaign

Michelle Dunk, President of In beTWEEN Girls Non-Profit (A mentoring and Scholarship program for TWEENS and Teens) and CEO and Certified Transformation Coach for Visionary Mentoring Group has launched a National Kindness Campaign.

Through February 27 2017 you can simply post a random act of kindness on social media, tag one of the pages above and use the hashtag #givelove.  You are eligible to win a seat in her upcoming Abundant Life Masterclass, a signed copy of the #1 best selling book, Women Who Ignite, A KEEP Collection Kindness bracelet and a Curlee Girlee book for the young girls in your life.  The girls in Michelle’s non-profit will pick the winners and you can view all rules, and details on Visionary Mentoring Group and In beTWEEN Girls Facebook page.

The hope of this campaign is to spread massive amounts of love and kindness when we all need it the most.  Doing small consistant acts every day does not need to cost you anything or much time…but it will create a life-long habit that breeds beautiful rewards.  You can’t help but feel better when you do something good for someone else.  It has also been proven that it elevates the dopamine in our brains and produces more oxytocin which gives us not only a sustainable “helpers high” but is good for our overall health.  Kindness promotes that human connection that we all crave, especially in this age of social media and technology.  
Having your children participate in kind deeds also creates a more compassionate generation.  These kids often get a bad rap of being “selfish”.  The truth is, they want a voice and want to lead.  Ask them what causes that they are passionate about.  Allow them to take the lead of supporting it and coming up with ideas to make a difference in the things that they believe in.  This will not only bleed into other areas of their life, but they will likely find peers that have the same drive and values and keep them on their own unique paths.  
Imagine a world where we gave kindness freely and stopped competing with one another?  I believe this campaign will set the foundation of doing just that.  
Random Acts of Kindness ideas:
Compliment someone
Write a thank you letter
Hold a door for a stranger
Bring in the mail or trashcans for your neighbor
Sit with someone at a retirement home and keep them company
Smile at everyone you see all day long

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