Friday, February 10, 2017

Website Spotlight: BusyKid

We do everything on our smartphones and other portable electronic devices nowadays because of the speed and convenience in which we can get tasks done. It also allows us to stay organized instead of having a million pieces of scrap paper littered around with notes and reminders. Banking, paying bills and shopping can all be done from our couches and now so can teaching kids the value of personal finance and responsibility.

BusyKid is a new website that allows parents to track their children’s chores, payments and how they spend their hard-earned money. The site suggests certain chores and the money earned from accomplishing them for each age group, but can be customized to fit the parent’s needs. Once a child has earned money, they have the option to spend, save, buy stocks or donate it to charity, but every request needs to be approved by the parent. Busy Kids teaches children financial and everyday responsibilities that will continually be helpful through the years.

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