Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Consumer Critique: Nosh! Munchables

NOSH! Munchables are artisan rice wafer snacks made with simple and natural ingredients, including premium Japonica rice. I had a chance to get a sample box in banana-mango. Their lineup of culinary-inspired flavors includes simply rice, broccoli/pear/kale, strawberry-beet, and pomegranate-blueberry. There are no artificial flavors or colors, and they are also gluten free and organic.

I love that these snacks expose babies to flavors that aren't typically found in traditional baby food. I also really love that there aren't any artificial ingredients. They have a very light, melt-in-your-mouth texture that is good for babies just learning to handle chewing foods - and work for babies with and without teeth. Honestly, even though I don't like mango, I thought the banana-mango one was pretty good myself!

You can find Nosh! at Babies R Us and other retailers around the country.

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