Friday, March 10, 2017

Parenting Pointers: How moms can effectively shape their children's money mindsets!

By Sam X Renick

MOMS, did you know babies start to soak up knowledge in the womb? According to a study by Pacific Lutheran University (PLU), learning begins with language mothers speak to their children while they are in the womb. It is an extraordinarily important finding to understand if you want to raise money-smart kids. Why? Because PLU's study coincides with Cambridge University research that revealed adult money habits are formed by age seven.

These discoveries beg several questions.
How are moms (and dads) shaping their children's money mindsets, habits and attitudes?
What language do parents use when talking to children about money?
Are parents conscious of what they communicate to kids about money?
What do moms (and dads) want their children to know about money?
How can parents more effectively shape their children’s money mindsets?
Here are three tips moms can use immediately to plant the seeds of financial freedom and independence in their kids thinking.
Read, write and develop your own family money philosophy and goals. Keep it simple. Be clear. Be concise. We save and invest regularly. We spend less than we earn. We want and will own a home. We plan and have our money prepared for what we want and need. 
Create slogans and short statements that express your financial thinking in terms kids can grasp and execute. Repeat these slogans to your children frequently. Repetition shapes minds, habits, and attitudes. It is a key technique to mastering skills. Saving is a great habit. From every dollar, save a dime. Earning money is fun to do.
Expose your children to stories, songs, activities and games that reinforce your personal finance values. Use these tools to get on the same page with your children. This strategy will help you develop your kids’ language and communications skills while simultaneously shaping their money mindsets.
Moms will also find the following resources useful when it comes to cultivating the kids and money conversation. The list includes one tool we created. You can download it for FREE.
Sam X Renick. It’s a Habit. Sammy Rabbit Slogans Resource Page
FDIC. Money Smart
Rutgers University. Econ Kids
1. UW Today. While in womb babies begin learning language from their mothers
2. The Money Advice Service. Adult money habits are set by age seven
Sam X Renick is the driving force behind the “It’s a Habit” Company and its chief spokesperson, Sammy Rabbit, who is dedicated to improving children’s financial literacy. Sam has read and sung off key with over a quarter million children around the world, encouraging them to get in the habit of saving money.

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