Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Nook: Parenting as Partners - How to Launch Your Kids without Ejecting Your Spouse

I recently had a chance to read Parenting as Partners: How to Launch Your Kids without Ejecting Your Spouse. This book would be a great read for anyone who is co-parenting. regardless of marital status - whether that's cohabiting or married parents welcoming their first little one; established family leaders who are struggling to parent as a unit; or parents in a dual household situation trying to find ways to keep things consistent and work together.

The book encourages parents to examine their own childhood experiences together, as that lays the foundation for who we expect to be as parents. It also discusses how relationships with parents and siblings can affect our parenting style. By being open and aware of these influences, it can help parents see eye-to-eye on how to treat their own children.

The book looks at some of the key areas that often cause conflicts when co-parenting, and provides six easy-to-remember steps to help creative an effective parenting plan. It comes with plenty of real-life stories and advice to show how parents can use their differences to complement each other, instead of creating conflict.

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