Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Nook: The Bible Explorer's Guide

I have a very science- and trivia-minded daughter who loves learning facts. In fact, her favorite part of Sunday school is that her teacher keeps pulling in historical facts about the Bible and pictures from archaeological digs. So I was really excited to review The Bible Explorer's Guide: 1,000 Amazing Facts and Photos.

This book was no disappointment. There were a lot of tidbits my daughters hadn't heard before - even some things that I didn't know! The pictures were carefully chosen to represent Biblical times as accurately as possible, and really helped my daughters get a perspective on what things looked like. Even the parts about what it was like to live in ancient Jerusalem really helped bring the Bible alive and give my girls a view on what things were really like thousands of years ago.

The text explanations are quick and easy-to-read, detailed enough to give information but not so long that they'll bog down weaker readers. It's a great addition to any Christian home or school library!

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