Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Nook: Offshoot Books

In the summer, it's easy for kids to get bored without the routine of school. Even adults can get bored on long road trips. Offshoot Books has titles for everyone, young and old, to keep them engaged and learning all summer long.

I recently had a chance to review three titles from the company:
Painting the World Red from the Inside Out of Sight series - This was a seek-and-find book, with ample things to look at and discover at each page. It was a take on Where's Waldo, with a brief story running throughout. I actually enjoyed the illustrations and searching more than the story, but it was fun to have a plot to follow from page to page.

Comedy in Tragedy - This is a great activity book for Shakespeare fans. Each page alludes to one of his works, and has prompts for writing or things to think about on each page. It works a lot better for people familiar with his works. I only have a passing familiarity with the major ones, so I was able to follow more than half the activities, but there were a few allusions I missed.

I Would Rather Shop than Color - There are several similar titles (I would rather dream/eat/shop/travel) that provide targeted coloring activities. Some pages are just very detailed pictures that go along with the theme (fashion, moons and stars, food, etc). Some pages give a specific idea for drawing or doodling in the designs. This book would be great for the person who might not be so sure about adult coloring books, but is willing to give it a try for something that matches an interest of theirs.

Check out their catalog (available online) for many more titles!

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