Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Smart Safety: Password Management

It was recently announced that password manager and single sign-on provider One LogIn has been hacked. The company advised users that their passwords and emails might have been hacked, and urged them to take precautions to protect themselves, such as by changing their passwords.
Tech expert and Chief Technical Officer of SRV Network, INC. Karl Volkman says, “This is very alarming. For years, Internet security experts have been advising people to use password managers to help them remember their passwords and pertinent data. In doing so, people were able to frequently change their passwords without fear of forgetting them and without having to write them down on errant slips of paper in their desk. However, now many people are wondering if it is safe to trust a password manager.”
While the incident is disheartening, and just one of many in recent months, Volkman doesn’t believe that password managers should be written off as useless. “If it helps people to change their passwords frequently and stay up-to-date on their personal info, then I think the risk involved is worth it. The chance of a password manager being hacked is not a good reason to neglect changing your passwords frequently.”
How frequently? Volkman says at least every three months. And, if you don’t feel safe using LastPass or other password manager apps on your phone, then get creative. “Write it somewhere you can access easily in your home, but also somewhere that is private and secure, whether it is your safe or a hidden compartment in your office.”

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