Sunday, July 30, 2017

5 Places You Should Not Consider Piercing.docx

Body piercing is an art as old as history. Countless cultures around the world have body piercing as part of their tradition. In recent years, body piercing made its way to the world of fashion and style with countless variations.  For the purpose of fashion, style, and self- expression many people pierce parts of their body and what was once considered a deviant act, already gained acceptance and even appreciation among many people. Pierce Body is one of those that offer a wide array of posh jewelry for body piercing- ranging from gold nose pins to stylish good earrings. And while piercing is already a widely accepted norm, it still has its boundaries restricted by health considerations.
There are just some parts of the body that health experts advise against piercing, here are some of them:
1. Tongue
Tongue piercing is not a rare practice for many, even outside of a cultural perspective. But many health professionals, especially oral health experts say that it is potentially bad for you. Tongue piercing is common among teens nowadays, but not everything that is widely practice does no harm. The tongue is a very sensitive muscle and piercing can cause infections or even simple disruptions on its functions. Dentists also say that tongue piercing can lead to many oral health problems.
2. Nipples
As sexy as it may sound, health experts say piercing your nipples puts you in great danger. Improper piercing and the use of un-sanitized materials can lead to an infection that can put your life at risk.
3. Genitals
Chances of infection are also the main reason why doctors advise against piercing your genitals for both male and female. Genital piercing is more rampant among teen boys than girls, but this practice brings about considerable danger for the person and their sexual partners. Aside from infection, a genital piercing may cause lacerations during sexual activities which are equally, if not more, terrifying.
4. Eyelids
While eyebrow piercing is normal, there are some who goes to the extreme to pierce their eyelids. This is definitely a no-no at whatever cost. Eyelid piercing does not only cause distraction from eyesight, it can also cause considerable eye infections that can lead to really serious problems.
5. In Between Joints
Common sense will tell you that piercing the skin covering the joints is a really bad idea. While there are highly rare cases, if there are actually any, there’s still a chance someone will do it given the risky attitude of teens these days. While it is still skin and can heal, you have to put in mind that these places stretch and contracts for every joint movement. It can cause tearing of the skin, and infections, if you are unlucky.

Piercing is generally safe only if it is done by experts who use clean and sanitized tools. The kind of jewelry you wear also affects the risks involved in every pierced body part. Designs that can easily be tangled with other things or jewelry made of materials you are allergic of can potentially cause serious problems.

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