Thursday, July 6, 2017

Parenting Pointers: Need More Storage? Take Advantage of the Wall!

By Merri Cvetan

A busy mother’s lament: “Where is the…?” As an interior designer, one of the biggest requests from clients is more storage (which goes with one of the biggest complaints lack of storage!). No one ever has enough of the 3 Cs: cupboards, cabinets or closets. If you live in an apartment, then your options are even more limited. That boring blank wall can be turned into a useful, decorative spot in your bathroom. What’s even better than using a blank wall to create additional storage solutions? Discovering inexpensive solutions that don’t require making holes in the walls (a plus for renters!).

Besides your imagination, you only need removable wall hooks and baskets, boxes or decorative containers to turn your bathroom into a functional space.

Removable hooks are available in a variety of sizes and styles. There is one for every project. Choose clear if they will show or on a wall painted any color other than white. More important is to pay attention to the weight limit. Before you shop, determine the weight of the items you plan to store or display. For instance, hand towels weigh less than full-size toiletries; a fragrant candle is heavier than a rubber duck.

Chose a basket to go with your decorating style or color scheme. Plastic containers are great in the kids’ bath and can be used to coral tub toys. Wicker baskets can be sophisticated or casual. They’re generally lightweight and the styles are limitless. If you don’t like the color, change it with spray paint.

Wire baskets give the bathroom an industrial, high-tech look. Everything is handy and in sight.
If you don’t have a traditional medicine cabinet, look for a container with a closed lid.

Baskets can also work for storing towels. Or, install wall-hanging towel racks to free up cabinet space. Jodi Holzband of Sparefoot adds, “Since cabinet space in the bathroom is always at a premium, one solution is to use a wall-mounted towel rack to store linens. Repurpose extra cabinet space from removing the towels by adding a pull-out cabinet organizer with cubbies that lets you keep counters clear while keeping toiletries close at hand.”

I love creative storage solutions that don’t break the bank and can be changed anytime. If you are a renter, you can add your own personality to your apartment without fear from the landlord! It’s a win-win situation.

Wisonson interior designer Merri Cvetan is a crafter at heart, and she writes for The Home Depot about how she includes DIYs in her design projects. Merri has created interesting focal points for the bathroom using unique bath accessories that she has both bought and created.

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