Sunday, August 6, 2017

Book Nook: Soon to be Ex

Divorce can be a painful and costly procedure, devastating families not just by the act of splitting up, but creating long-term challenges. Jacquline Newman, a 5th Ave Manhattan divorce lawyer, feels that the smoothest divorces happen with people know what to expect and make smart choices. I recently got to review Soon-to-be Ex, A Guide to the Perfect Divorce & Relaunch, where she writes about misconceptions and myths around divorce, and provides tips on protecting children, getting a fair deal, and maintaining your sanity through it all.

The book wasn't written for someone like me - I have a fairly solid marriage. However, it wasn't necessarily written just for people in the midst of divorce either. She writes about signs of an impending split, in case your partner wants a divorce and you don't - and also how to know if you're ready for a divorce, as not all marital conflicts lead to divorce. Once you've made the decision to split, she has tips for managing guilt and anger. There are even tips about dealing with pets. If your marriage is on the rocks and you want to be aware of what divorce could entail, or if you've already decided to divorce and you want a book to help you navigate the process, this book is appropriate for you.

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Jacqueline Newman, 5th Avenue Manhattan divorce lawyer, is the managing partner of a leading New York divorce law firm. Jacqueline is an expert on all things matrimonial from prenupts, custody and support to celebrity brand valuation and complex asset division. A recurrent divorce expert for People, USA Today, NBC, New York Post and other news outlets Jacqueline is a frequent speaker, social commentator, and well known blogger. Learn more about Jacqueline Newman at

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