Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Website Spotlight: DealRay

DealRay is a travel subscription service that can save you hundreds of dollars in seconds with legit deals sent right to your phone for only $9.99/ month.

Take selfies at the Eifel Tower with a roundtrip ticket to Paris for only $211? Yes please! Not only does the app sift through and make sense of the confusing mess of those convoluted flash sales, they’re dropping knowledge bombs—in the form of text alerts—like huge fare price drops and glitches the airlines don’t even publicize.

DealRay uses a unique algorithm to provide you with deals on flights that other apps cannot. It instantly alerts you when there is a sale or deal on airfare so that you know about it as soon as it happens rather than hearing about it after it’s over. DealRay saves its users up to an average of $450 dollars per trip.

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