Friday, August 4, 2017

World Wisdom: Bemz Sustainability Initiatives

Bemz, the Swedish textile design company known for their custom-made slipcovers for IKEA furniture, is continually striving to deepen their commitment to sustainability and the environment. From the beginning of its inception in 2005, Bemz only manufactures on demand, and all production takes place in Europe.  

One of their most popular lines, The Bemz Respect collection, is produced using surplus textiles from the fashion industry and manufactured entirely without the use of water or dyes, the collection is all in an effort to reduce environmental impact. 

Textiles from the Respect collection are made of 100% recycled material and are manufactured in several stages. Leftover fabrics from the clothing industry are first collected and sorted by color. The textiles are shredded and ground back down to their initial cotton fibers, which are then spun into yarn. To ensure a durable and high quality yarn, the cotton fibers are mixed with a small amount of polyester derived from recycled plastic bottles. Finally, the yarn is woven into a new textile, designed by Bemz. 

Bemz is now taking their approach to sustainability a step further.

In their ongoing initiatives to offer even more conscious choices, Bemz is now upgrading their popular line of Panama Cotton covers to fabric certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. The non-profit organization, the Better Cotton Initiative, exists to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future, by developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. The Better Cotton Standard System is a holistic approach to sustainable cotton production, which covers all three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Cotton is known as one of the interior design industry’s most frequently used natural fiber. It is an incredibly valuable resource that improves the lives of millions – from the farmers who grow it, and the spinners who turn it into thread, to the average consumer who wear cotton daily. Cotton farming, however, is very water-draining the supply chain of textile production. When producing Better Cotton certified cotton the production uses almost half as little water.

Bemz is proud to share this initiative, along with its fashion forward and sustainable selection of textiles in the Respect Collection.

More about better cotton can be found on: Re spect textiles are available across the range of products on

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