Saturday, November 18, 2017

Amazing Apps: Band

The holidays are upon us and for anyone who has ever tried to plan a family gathering, regardless of size, you know that getting everyone to commit to a date followed by coordinating dishes, drinks and schedules is a major undertaking.  BAND is a 100% free app that makes the planning process easier and helps with the inevitable stress of the chaotic holiday season including crowded shopping malls and too much family bonding time.  BAND allows party hosts to manage everything within one centralized communication platform without using multiple channels such as emails, texts, and calendars. 

The first step to planning the perfect holiday soiree is finding a date that works for everyone’s busy schedules.  You can now send out a calendar to all your guests and ask them to check yes or no to a few possible dates and times and then you can focus on the important things…..who’s bringing what from side dishes, to drinks to entertainment.  BAND makes coordinating family gathering must-haves and delegating tasks virtually effortless through maintaining to-do lists and sharing messages all through the app.  Worried that someone won’t bring the cranberry sauce?  When using BAND, keep tabs on who read your posts using the handy view counter.

BAND also has an unlimited photo and sharing feature so the most memorable and funny family moments can be shared with grandparents and relatives who may not be (or who you may not want to friend) on social media.   

BAND is available for free on Google Play and Apple’s AppStore

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