Monday, November 20, 2017

Amazing Apps: SlumberType

SlumberType is made by the genetics experts at Exploragen. SlumberType uses your DNA data to help you proactively figure out how to sleep better and lead a healthier life. It works and is currently the number one DNA lifestyle app available. 

The app functions by analyzing four key sleep measurements – Chronotype, Sleep Quality, Sleep Onset Latency, and Sleep Duration – and then determining how the person's DNA impacts whether they are a morning or night person, how long it may take them to fall asleep, the duration and quality of their sleep, and how these may impact other areas of their lives such diet, exercise, caffeine consumption, etc. 

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  1. Thanks Motherhood Moment! Exploragen is founded by two hard-working mom's so, yes, we love what you are doing on Motherhood Moment. Anything to save a little time and energy, right? We'll keep you posted on upcoming holiday deals and our new app launching in January. Cheers! - The Exploragen Team