Monday, November 6, 2017

Caring Causes: Isla Animals

The wild dogs of Mexico are flea and tick infested. They are diseased and hungry. They are unloved and disposable. And their average lifespan is a scant one to three years. But there is a ray of hope.
Since 2001, Alison Sawyer has dedicated her life to curbing the unchecked breeding that fills Mexico's streets with unwanted animals. She founded Isla Animals, a nonprofit animal rescue organization on Isla Mujeres in Quintana Roo, Mexico, that provides spay/neuter clinics, little-to-no-cost veterinary services and vaccinations, pet owner education, and animal foster care and adoption. Since its inception, Isla Animals has spayed/neutered more than 12,000 dogs and cats and has rescued more than 6,000 animals from Mexico's streets. 
Isla Animals recently announced its latest spay/neuter, vaccination and wellness clinic taking place in Rancho Viejo from December 1-5. Isla Animals hosts these clinics periodically in different Mexican cities to treat as many animals as possible in a few days' time. The organization launched a GoFundMe campaign ( to help raise financial support for the vital veterinary services needed for this event.
Simply put, without Isla Animals' valiant efforts, thousands of unwanted dogs and cats would fall victim to a slow death by starvation or disease. And these animals deserve better.

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  1. Thank you so much for putting the word out about what we are doing. The areas that we work in are tragic and I know that any one who loves animals would want to help if they saw what a difference we can make. We are very excited about our December clinic but need more funds to make it happen. It costs $30 to spay a dog and that makes a change for the better, lowers the number of pups in the streets and leaves more for the dogs that are already there.