Saturday, November 4, 2017

Money Makers: FlexJobs Highlights 15 Work-From-Anywhere Remote Jobs for Digital Nomads and Travel Lovers

According to FlexJobs’ 6th annual survey of more than 5,000 respondents interested in flexible work, wanting to pay for travel is a surprisingly popular reason for the motivation behind why people work, and appears on the podium in third place right behind paying for basic necessities and saving for retirement. Of those who say paying for travel is a core driver of why they work, approximately 1 out 5 (19%) of these workers take it to the extreme and identify themselves as a part of the growing numbers of “digital nomads.” To help guide job seekers interested in traveling while earning a living, and to demonstrate the diversity of the remote job market today, FlexJobs has highlighted 15 work-from-anywhere remote jobs that offer the freedom digital nomads and travelers need to successfully combine work and travel.

“Work-from-anywhere remote jobs are ideal options for people who really enjoy travelling, are full-on digital nomads, or who have to move frequently but don’t want to sacrifice satisfying and well-paying careers,” said Sara Sutton Fell, Founder and CEO of FlexJobs. “Today’s technology allows people the opportunity to work from just about anywhere with only a few basic requirements, such as a laptop and a strong Internet connection. And as technology continues to improve and companies recognize the benefits of having remote workers on their team, opportunities to work from anywhere are increasing for a wide variety of professionals across industries in all stages of the career cycle,” Sutton Fell concluded.
Some of the most common work-from-anywhere job titles include writer, translator, customer service professional, tutor, researcher, editor, and more. FlexJobs has also compiled feedback from a diverse group of people whose remote jobs have enabled them to combine meaningful careers with travel.
Below are 15 jobs that can be performed from anywhere in the U.S. or the world (in alphabetical order). They all meet the following criteria:

  • Either a “U.S. National” or “Work-from-Anywhere” remote job with very few location restrictions
  • Fully remote jobs that don’t require time in the office
  • Offers either a full-time or a part-time schedule
  • Actively hiring as of October 30, 2017

For tips on becoming a successful digital nomad, one great resource is’s Remote Worker Section, which features insight from dozens of seasoned remote workers on their remote career and digital nomad lifestyle.

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