Saturday, December 30, 2017

Book Nook: The SuperB Woman - It's All About the B

I recently had a chance to review The SuperB Woman - It's All About the B by Janet Neal. This book wasn't quite what I was expecting when I looked at the cover. It's a very slim, very small book, and I was expected a series of tips laid out in a how-to format.

Instead, the book is kind of a how-to book, disguised as a fiction book that follows Bea on her search to being a woman who has it all. Inspired by the speaker whose event her company produces, Bea talks to people in her life - people from a variety of roles who seem to have everything she wants her life. I like how she starts her process. She starts by defining what she wants to look for - and that's actually a fairly important part of becoming who you want to be. Everyone has a different picture in mind of what success means. Once Bea defines her success, she's able to use that as anchor for the kind of women she wants to emulate and learn more about.

I also appreciate the mentor idea that the book brings up. Women helping women is one of the best ways that we can achieve our goals. Sometimes women tend to judge other decisions (work vs. stay at home vs. work at home; bottle vs. nursing; public vs. private vs. charter vs. homeschool). But when women come together to help each other make progress towards a goal, everyone benefits.

You can learn more - and watch Janet's free webshow - at her website, where you'll learn even more about how to be a superb woman.

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