Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Consumer Critique: PlayTape

My kids enjoy playing with cars - especially my younger one, who asked for a loop-de-loop jump several years ago and played with it nonstop for quite some time. I thought it would be neat to get to review PlayTape - road tape that lets kids create their own cities.

PlayTape was easy to use. Even my younger daughter, who can't always tear off tape well, was able to tear it (although she preferred cutting for straighter lines). It stuck to everything we tried - even carpet (although that was not as good as flat surfaces) and it pulled off easily, like painter's tape would.

There are a variety of options - straight road in 2" and 4" widths, tight curves for 4" width, and tight and broad curves for 2" width. This means it'll work with many different types of play cars.

You can find PlayTape on Amazon or at Walmart next to the toy cars. It's also available at a variety of other retailers nationwide.

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