Thursday, May 17, 2018

Amazing Apps: Apps to Help You Manage Money

Financial Advisors are costly - so if you can’t afford one or would like an alternative, you’re in luck!

We're inundated with so many different personal finance tools promising to lead us to financial wellness but how do we know which one to choose? These affordable personal finance tools below are the most popular on the market and all serve a purpose.
  • Albert: An app that connects the user to a team of human financial experts. Their experts help find savings you're missing, identify bills you're overpaying, help pay down debt faster, save automatically for you and more. You can text Albert a financial question and they will offer guidance to help you make it happen. 
    Cost: $0 - $3

  • Mint: The platform and app helps the user see what they have and what they owe, understand where money goes and where they can cut back, create budgets, track investments, and discover new ways to save. However, it doesn't give the user a complete overall cohesive picture of their finances and you must link accounts. Cost: Free
  • Quicken: A personal finance management tool. Focuses mostly on budgeting but doesn't give actual advice on spending habits. Cost: $34.99 - $89.99/year
  • Fearless Finance: A platform and app that gives users a 360 degree look at their finances (spending, saving and planning) in one spot. You run a report once a year, then gives you specific recommendations/advice on your overall financial well-being so you can stay within your limit, still save and not overspend. With FF there's the option to link financial accounts - it's not mandatory. Also, a big perk is that FF doesn't sell the end user products like credit cards and mortgages! Cost: $6.99/mo., $32.99/one time option, $59.99/y

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