Monday, May 21, 2018

Amazing Apps: NightSwapping

Enough with hotels, the soulless hosting, the outrageous prices! NightSwapping, the only truly collaborative travel platform refocuses on real individuals, who rent out in their entire house or a guest room, for more authenticity and friendliness... But also more savings !
NightSwapping allows to travel cheaper and rewards the travelers and hosts with a Wallet system. Hosts cumulate there their earnings there, while travelers receive 10% of what they spent. The Wallet is then cashable on a bank account, commission-free, or re-usable to travel.
Many-side and suited for everyone's needs, the application allows an intuitive and meaningful user experience. In just a few clicks, it is possible to:
  • Search listings from individuals who offer entire houses or guest rooms
  • Talk with the hosts before proceeding to the booking of the stay
  • Create a listing in 5 minutes
  • Access one's Wallet to cash it on one's bank account, or use it to travel
Serge Duriavig, former associate director at Smartbox and Founder of NightSwapping, comments:
« Now, more than ever, NightSwapping strives for the values of authenticity, sharing and saving. It claims to be the only true collaborative travel platform and application».

The app is available for free on Google Play and soon on AppStore,
in seven languages (french, spanish, italian, portuguese, german and dutch).

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