Thursday, May 31, 2018

Book Nook: The Math Facts that Stick

I'm a part-time math teacher and a part-time homeschooling mom, and I'm always interested in ways to give kids a solid foundation. One way to build that foundation is by learning the basic arithmetic facts.

A recent survey out of Stanford found that regardless other factors, math performance was connected with a positive attitude - children who have poor attitudes toward math rarely perform well in the subject, while those with positive attitudes had a range of math achievement.

I had a chance to review The Math Facts That Stick series by Kate Snow: Addition Facts that Stick, Subtraction Facts That Stick, and the two newest titles releasing July 2018, Multiplication Facts That Stick and Division Facts That Stick. These guides help parents teach their children the math facts without spending hours and hours drilling flash cards. They're geared for kids at any point in elementary school and it helps parents teach children to both understand and memorize the facts. There are a variety of activities and lessons, and it's designed to take just a few weeks for each set. By focusing on understanding the ideas instead of just rote memorization, they help increase retention.

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