Saturday, May 5, 2018

Fun Freetime: Mother's Day Ideas from Edushapes

We love Mother's Day. It's a time to reflect on all of our hard work as parents, enjoy how much our little ones have accomplished, and maybe put our feet up for a minute or two!  

Life's lessons come a day at a time, with patience, guidance, and understanding.  At Edushape, we have always designed our products to enhance and encourage a child's playtime while incorporating everyday developmental skills.  We've heard from moms around the world just how much they enjoy playing with Edushape, too!
How are you celebrating Mother's Day?

Play Ball!
Setting up a blanket in the park and taking out a favorite ball for a game of catch or pass is a wonderful way to spend some time with little ones. Parents are so busy working, running around, taking care of household chores, that it's nice to have time to spend doing something that both mom and her baby will love doing. Have a family member take some fun pictures so you can remember this Mother's Day. You'll be amazed at how quickly your child has grown when you look back at those pictures next Mother's Day!
Be a Princess for a Day!

Edushape Linkets Basic
Mother's Day is about spending time with the kids and being spoiled with flowers, chocolates and cards.  At some point during the day, it would be lovely for Mom to take some time alone or have an hour to put her ​feet up like a princess!  Maybe drop some heavy hints as to what you want in advance.  For example, a week before Mother's Day, moms can give their kids a list of three "wishes" that would make them​ feel like a princess.

Here are some ideas:
  • The chance to sleep in a bit later -- like 8:30am!
  • Breakfast in bed
  • A homemade card that everyone signs

Read a Good Book

Do you have a great book that you would like to read while relaxing on your couch? Show your kids that they can do that too -- especially on Mother's Day!  Get everyone excited about reading -- even if it's just ​a little while. Afterwards make some time to talk about the book you are reading and what your favorite parts are from the story. Let your kids do the same, and you will be amazed at what they come up with!

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