Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Parenting Pointers: Money & The Motherhood Mindset

Moms have the hardest job in the world: they raise kids, run the household, work full time (sometimes at multiple jobs,) and in many households today, they manage the finances. For many of these mothers, financial planning is limited to the stress and pressure of making ends meet. Caring for your young is an instinctual part of motherhood. Many moms sacrifice their own needs to provide for their children. While this is to be commended, it is also unfortunate. It teaches mothers to stifle their financial ambitions and sets a president for younger generations that this is just an inevitable part of motherhood.

Kris Miller and Tia Ross, financial experts, are on a crusade to empower mothers to reach their financial goals by teaching them about money. "It's 2018 and women are empowered, educated and strong, but for a shocking majority of women, financial dreams end at motherhood," ...says Tia Ross, a who experienced this first hand growing up in a low socioeconomic household. Though Ross came from humble beginnings, she decided at an early age not to allow her life circumstances become a barrier to her success. She paired with wealth strategist Kris Miller to create Legacy Shifters, a company that empowers women through financial education. They provide workshops and resources to help as many people as possible, build a solid financial plan and take the actions necessary to make it a reality.

Money & The Motherhood Mindset Email Interview with Financial Experts Tia Ross and Kris Miller Share 

What are lessons many women didn't learn in childhood? 
Many of us did not learn that our value is worth more than our wealth. Over the history of our traditional roles in the home, women often were the caregivers and we watched our mother figures take care of the home while dad earned the money. Our worth is not our wealth and yet we have the capacity to earn our own wealth and take care of our families! As a matter of fact, we have been forced to contribute more to the bottom line of our households in order to keep up with the cost of living. Many of us were never taught important financial lessons about spending and saving (like how much effort it takes to pay a bill or how long you must save to buy a gift.) Think about it for a moment. As a little girl, did your parents ever teach you the effort it took for them to work, save, and then purchase?

How can women make sure their daughters gain financial literacy? 
As women, we can make sure to include our daughters in the "save-to-spend" mindset. Often times, our daughters see our pretty clothes, jewelry, and day-to-day household spending, but we never include them in the earning of the dollar or the effort it takes to purchase what we want. I personally have to make it my intention to sit down with my daughters and teach them the concept of setting goals and then practice the discipline to reach them. But you must remember, the impact will be more in our actions...not just our words. Conversation, reading literature, and incorporating fun games about money is a start. At some point you are going to want to actually build a muscle of discipline when it comes to earning, saving and then shop!

What is the financial gender bias and how can women avoid it? 
The Financial Gender Bias is a concept that is very real to us today that depicts women as being less then acknowledgeable and involved with wealth building and wealth creation. It is a power and control mechanism that keeps women intimidated to take control of their financial futures. When it comes to money in the workplace, we have allowed ourselves to be told what we are worth in pay instead of setting the standard for worth ourselves. One way to shift this is to build our entrepreneurial muscles. We have to turn our financial goals into realities by planning, talking, and making it happen. Women are owning more businesses and setting the standards within companies. It is important for us, as moms, to sit down with our daughters, and mentor them into success. Just like we would show them how to dress, money needs to become a real part of our daily conversation.

Kris Miller is a women's financial advocate and Legacy Wealth Strategist. Through her company Legacy Shifters, she empowers women to change their families’ financial realities and create incomes they will never outlive. An engaging speaker who teaches companies as well as individuals, Miller has spoken extensively on personal finance, retirement & estate planning, living trusts and asset protection at live events and for radio, TV and digital media. Miller is the author of the #1 Bestselling Ready for PREtirement: 3 Secrets for Safe Money and a Fabulous Future. Over the last 25 years, she has helped over 6,000 families protect themselves and their financial assets.

Tia Ross is a Women's Advocate, Youth and Community Specialist, Number One Best Selling Author and a Dynamic Speaker who influences thousands of teens and adults, teaching them how to become leaders through integrity-based decision making, effective communication, and community involvement. She is a Certified Master Facilitator and Director for Motivating the Teen Spirit. Tia has been entrusted to manage the youth and families division of Lisa Nichols' Motivating the Teen Spirit. 

Tia Ross, (#1 best-selling author and national speaker) and Kris Miller (a Legacy wealth strategist,) are activists for women's financial rights and the founders of Legacy Shifters. Through this company, they empower women to change their families’ financial realities and create incomes they will never outlive. For more information visit:

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