Friday, May 25, 2018

Shopping Savings: Kwilt Shoebox Mini

Photos and videos take up a staggering amount of memory on our smartphones. It’s only a matter of time before we get the dreaded notification that our storage is full, forcing us to choose between deleting precious old memories or not capturing equally important new memories. In the best-case scenario, we have to spend hard-earned money upgrading our cloud storage or buying a phone with more memory space.

The perfect gift for dads everywhere, Kwilt Shoebox Mini solves this issue by allowing consumers to backup photos and videos from their mobile devices, social media profiles (i.e. Facebook, Instagram) and commercial cloud storage (i.e. Google, Dropbox) to the privacy of their home storage device for anytime, anywhere access through one streamlined interface on their mobile devices. Because all of his content is stored safely on his own personal storage device, Dad can rest easy knowing no one else has access to his family’s photos and videos – not even Kwilt.

Kwilt Shoebox Mini costs just $59, with no monthly fees - a huge savings from the usual monthly cloud subscription fees eating away at your budget.

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