Saturday, June 2, 2018

Book Nook: The Craft Kingdom - DIY and Craft Projects for Kids and Adults

My daughter loves art and is always looking for great ideas. So I was happy to review The Craft Kingdom: DIY and Craft Projects for Kids and Adults. This book was a wealth of awesome ideas.

There were lots of positive features of the book. First of all, there was a huge variety of crafts featured, so readers are bound to find some new idea they haven't tried yet. Secondly, the crafts are appropriate for people of a variety of artistic and craft abilities. The book also has great photography to illustrate the crafts. Finally, the book is actually not incredibly detailed. Instead of being a meticulous step-by-step guide, it provides general ideas and guidelines - enough to get started, but not so much that the craft could end up formulaic. With nearly a hundred ideas, there's enough to keep any crafter busy with crafts that look great for display or would make beautiful personal gifts!

The Craft Kingdom has a great Youtube page with video tutorials, as well as Instagram and Facebook pages for more ideas. I really like her style and versatility!

Eli Maor was raised in a creative home. Her parents owned a publishing house and as a child she would lose herself in the bright colors and beautiful fonts. Her love for art and creativity continued into adulthood. She obtained a bachelor of arts in media and business management, and went on to study interior design. While obtaining her degrees, she sold handmade crafts at art fairs and booths. 
Her first book, The Craft Kingdom, came after years of creating, teaching workshops, and a whole lot of DIY fun. 
Maor shares crafting videos on her YouTube channel, The Craft Kingdom. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.
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The Craft Kingdom is available through AmazonBarnes and Noble and in select bookstores.

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