Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Consumer Critique: Good Cook Products

I recently had a chance to try out some kitchen gadgets from goodcook

The pineapple slicer was really great. My dad cuts up pineapple all the time and my mom gives him a hard time because it never looks easy. He's tried different methods, and they work, but he's always been curious about pineapple slicers. So I let him use it first - and he liked it. He got the pineapple cut in about half the time it normally takes. The only downside the first time was the bottom layer got a little mushed because he was pushing down harder than he needed to. Once he got the hang of it, it was great! I used it too, and found it much easier and more efficient than any other way.

I also got to try out this silicone basting brush. Our previous brush met an untimely demise (although it was pretty old and the bristles were getting worn and harder to clean). I liked the bristles better than I thought I would. The silicone bristles are wider than my previous one, so I was worried about coverage - but it worked just fine, and I like that it's dishwasher-safe!

GoodCook products reflect the brand’s personality—easy to understand, efficiently designed, bold, and attractive with an innovative take on its purpose. GoodCook also maintains the number one market share for kitchen tools & gadgets in grocery stores, currently marketed and distributed by Bradshaw Home in more than 35,000 retail store outlets in North America, which makes items easily accessible. In fact, we believe there is a GoodCook in every kitchen!

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