Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Music Minute: Gunnar Madsen - I Am Your Food

Gunnar Madsen, a Grammy nominated artist, will release his first family music album in a decadeI Am Your Food. I had a chance to review this album, and it definitely has a sense of humor and fun! 

Madsen produced the album at his home studio. Even though his songs for kids are often funny, this is not work he takes lightly. “I am serious about children’s music. Some of what I write may be silly, but I am dead serious about making sure that the music, the lyrics, the stories are of the utmost highest quality. I want anyone of any age to be able to listen, read and enjoy this music. I want families to be able to enjoy it together. Just because it’s silly doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be GOOD.”

This spring and summer, Madsen plans to serve up a series of five animated music videos from the songs on I Am Your Food, some of which he crafted with his teenage son, who is an accomplished EDM and hip-hop producer.  His son helped set the right tone for the track "Shelf Life" by “cleaning up the kick drum, clearing out the effects, making the mix shine,” according to Madsen. The Gee, Spot Records YouTube channel features a newly hatched “Tiny Desk” version of “City of Sardines“ and the first animated video for "10,000 Pancakes." Bonus tracks will also be coming this year.

In honor of Dairy Month (June), he's created a video for Divine Bovine!

Want to learn more? Catch the KidzMusic interview with Gunnar Madsen HERE or the Kidskintha blog interview HERE.

I Am Your Food will be available on June 15, 2018 from various retailers andwww.gunnarspot.com.

Gunnar Madsen began his career delivering singing telegrams and later toured the world as a founding member of the a capella group The Bobs, who “fractured and re-constructed the rules for popular music.”  His TV and film composing credits include “Sex and the City,” The Break Up, Breaking the Rules and A Special Providence. Madsen’s quirky songwriting includes the score for the award-winning musical "The Shaggs: Philosophy of the World,”  which The New York Times called ”unsettling, disturbing, challenging, even a little awe-inspiring." As a solo composer and songwriter/librettist Madsen has also received commissions from Lincoln Center, Los Angeles Theater Center, ODC Dance San Francisco, the Minnesota Opera, ISO Dance Theater, National Public Radio, and many others. His three previous family music recordings, Old Mr. Mackle Hackle (also published as a picture book), Ants in Your Pants and I’m Growing all won rave reviews, national awards and radio play.

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