Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Book Nook: I Can Handle Him (Excerpt)

Tory falls into line with a few people who are hovering around the cake table. Screw healthy eating. She burned off enough calories in her morning TRX class to earn this slice. Besides, with Reed in this room breathing the same air as her, getting a forkful of comfort from some buttercream icing sounds real good. With any luck, she’ll have her slice of cake polished off well before Quinn finishes up with Nick. And with super good luck, this cake will be chocolate.
Tory nods a few polite hellos to others in line before the waiter hands her a serving. Girl, play the lottery tonight because you are winning: it’s chocolate! She’s got a bite of cake heading for her mouth as she turns to look back at Quinn. 
Quinn. Seeing her face-to-face with Nick brings a smile to Tory’s face. And Quinn’s doing her cute, nervous-energy, rocking back-and-forth on her toes thing. So adorable. She always does that when she’s with a good-looking guy and Nick surely fits that bill. Quinn’s nervous energy started the minute they received the invitation to come tonight because she knew Nick might be here. Quinn is genuinely worried about him, and Tory is too. Then again, Quinn’s been known to obsessively worry, even over complete strangers. Back when they were undergrads at UT Austin, they saw one of the campus tour guides trip on an uneven sidewalk. Quinn worried about that girl for weeks. Tory was concerned too, but was more curious to know if the girl’s fall was a tort. 
Tory takes another bite of cake, still watching Quinn and Nick. Even from across the room, she can see his relaxed smile. Good. She can’t imagine what he’s been through. And she’s mad at herself for not reaching out to him sooner. But she’s back in town now. And her legal mind-in-training is spinning with questions.
Why on earth would Al say that Nick caused Sienna’s accident? How could Nick make a car explode? Why would he even want to kill Sienna? It’s ridiculous to think he would have done anything intentionally malicious. That’s not the Nick who Tory knows. At least, not the Nick she used to know.
And she used to know him…very well.

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