Friday, July 27, 2018

Healthy Habits: Why Enzymes Will Make the Whole Family Healthier

In order for your body to benefit from what you eat, you need digestive enzymes to break down the food. Proteins need to be broken down into amino acids; fats need to be broken down into fatty acids and cholesterol; and carbohydrates need to be broken down into simple sugars. At birth we are given a certain potential for manufacturing enzymes in our body, creating an enzyme “reserve.” However, if we do not continually replenish that reserve through proper nutrition, it runs out. Enzyme deficiency can cause digestive issues, a weakened immune system, fatigue, acne, eczema, headaches, mood swings, joint pain.
Having a lack of digestive enzymes puts tremendous stress on the body, because it is then forced to draw reserves from other locations throughout the body. The more we depend on our body to create digestive enzymes without the proper tools, the less time and energy the body’s systems and organs have for rebuilding and replacing worn out damaged cells and tissue. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on the endocrine system, as well as the immune system. After years and years of relying on our “reserve,” it is eventually depleted.

I had a chance to Interview Gastroenterologist Dr. Liz Cruz to learn more.

Why are enzymes so important? 
Without enzymes, the body cannot break down food properly into small absorbable units.  This means that you could eat the healthiest diet in the world but if you can’t break it down your body can’t absorb the nutrients you are eating. If your body can’t absorb nutrients it will feel tired and will ultimately get sick.  If your body is not making enough enzymes to digest food initial symptoms that occur will be gas, bloating, and acid reflux.  If not addressed or masked with medicines additional digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation, inflammation, etc. will occur.  Additional health issues such as tired, low energy, low immune function will also occur.  Enzymes are actually critical to the body, not just digestive enzymes but many others.  Lack of enzymes is the one of the main reasons the body begins to age.

Why do so many people not have enough to effectively utilize all the nutrients they could?
Most of us are eating the standard American diet which does not consist of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains and plant based protein.  These types of foods help to create the enzymes the body needs to break down food properly.  If we aren’t eating those foods on a regular basis we are not giving our body what it needs to create healthy enzymes on a regular basis. It’s kind of a catch 22!  It’s also a side effect of aging.  Every decade our enzyme production declines by 13%.  This is why we start to see people in their 40s, 50s and 60s in our office suffering from reflux, gas and bloating.  Foods give them problems they never had in the past.  This is a direct result of the body not making all those great enzymes anymore to break down our food.

What sets Everyday Enzymes™ apart from other supplements?
As far as supplements go, we are not a huge proponent of taking lots of supplements.  Your body wants to get vitamins and minerals from real food not synthetic capsules.  Most supplements on the market have a lot of fillers in them.  Many times, we have people in our office with GI issues because they are on too many supplements.  The idea is to eat a cleaner healthier diet and take enzymes to help you digest the food you are eating as opposed to taking a supplement.  If the question pertains specifically to why our enzymes.  Our enzymes are packed with 7 different types of enzymes and a lot of them.  Ours also have no fillers.  Most enzyme supplements on the market only have 1 – 3 different types of enzymes and not a lot of each because most of the capsule is filled with fillers to make the product inexpensive.  You definitely get what you pay for with a supplement like enzymes.  Taking a digestive enzyme with every meal is one of the healthiest things you can for your long-term health but it must be high quality with no fillers. 


Dr. Liz Cruz is a gastroenterologist, an author, and (most importantly) a parent of 4 children. She is the creator of Everyday Enzymes, as well as a variety of other wellness products designed to promote all-natural, holistic wellness. Cruz's products have received critical acclaim and are widely praised for effectively reducing the need for prescription medicine. Cruz is a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine

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