Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Book Nook: The Death of the Angry Black Woman

Charlotte pastor and face of the popular Car Chronicles Movement, Jameliah Young-Mitchell has penned The Death of the Angry Black Woman—a book published by Warren Publishing that discusses stereotypes faced by African-American women. The book released at #1 on Amazon.com for New Releases in the Anger Management category. 
Anger can get the best of many women, but when anger erupts into rage and leads to shouting, fighting, and name-calling, it's time to look within and make a change. The Death of the Angry Black Woman boldly acknowledges stereotypes faced by women in the black community and uncovers the seeds that lead many to live anger-filled lives. Instilled with Biblical scripture and jaw-dropping honesty, this debut book from Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell, the voice behind the popular Car Chronicles Movement, will empower you to bury your anger, reject false labels, and embrace the new you.

I had a chance to interview the author to learn more.

  • Why did you decide to write this book? I decided to write this book because I have connected with millions of women around the world, and we all have one common thread: anger. These women's testimonies were so familiar to me as they shared about their anger. I realized anger was an issue we all needed answers to and, with my faith counseling and through my personal experiences, I found solutions I wanted to share with others. 
  • What leads to the stereotype of the "Angry Black Woman?" Labels. For some reason this "angry" label is not placed upon any other race or group but black women. I believe anger is an all women issue, but you never hear "angry white woman," "angry Asian woman," "angry Hispanic woman," etc. The media simply looks at our race, our color, and clumps us all together. Then they portray us as "angry" women, not understanding that each individual may have her own very valid reasons for being angry. We don't get a chance to tell our stories and get the understanding we deserve. If we did, perhaps we could introduce ourselves by our names, not our labels, and develop healthy relationships from that point forward. 
  • How can black women use their energy and be seen for the messages they spread, not the stereotype? That's quite simple. It just takes understanding. If you don't try to understand one another or develop relationships, you may just believe all the hype. Simply remove the stereotypes set by society, throw them away. Then, get to know a sister and see her character. Allow your understanding to override any fear or discomfort you may have of approaching an "angry black woman." Simply seek to understand other women and the pain they have experienced, be they friends, coworkers, neighbors, or strangers. Approach these women and understand they have issues just like you. 
  • What can readers who aren't black learn from this book? As I mentioned previously, I deal with millions of women around the world, from all walks of life, and of every color and creed. People of all races and backgrounds deal with anger, and if you take the time to speak with them, you'll realize that we are united and woven together in our anger and pain. It's in all of us, even if black women tend to receive the label more than others. Everyone can benefit from learning how to navigate through your anger and how to respond to it, whether you're black, white, or purple. I hope my book can break the cycle that causes us to lash out and hurt those we love. We can all relate to that. 

Pastor Jameliah Young-Mitchell is the daughter of the late Evangelist Violetta B. Young and Pastor James I. Young, and grew up in Brooklyn, NY, as the youngest of four kids. She has preached across the United States and internationally and is the pastor of Unity Church Charlotte. Young-Mitchell is an experienced keynote speaker for women's empowerment, teen and youth mentoring, corporate America, and relationships. She is the voice behind the popular Car Chronicles Movement where she can be seen live on Facebook Monday through Friday at 7:30 a.m. Young-Mitchell is the proud mother of a son and daughter and resides in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, Calvin W. Mitchell. 
The Death of the Angry Black Woman is available atwarrenpublishing.net, Amazon.com, or wherever books are sold. Jameliah Young-Mitchell is available for book signings and interviews. 

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