Saturday, September 15, 2018

Book Nook: Get Weird - Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference

I recently had a chance to review Get Weird: Discover the Surprising Secret to Making a Difference by CJ Casciotta

This was a fun book to read. I have never quite fit in, my husband feels the same way, and both of my girls are very quirky. While my husband and I spent years trying to fit in, my older daughter just now hitting middle school embraces her quirks, and my younger daughter in 4th grade is militantly different and doesn't care. So I really enjoyed reading a book that encourages people to find out what makes them unique and develop it.
What if your weirdness was the key to changing everything? What if the outrageous, imaginative, crazy ideas that live inside your wildest dreams are actually there on purpose, divinely preinstalled to help others?
Knowing what makes you weird is the best thing you can offer your art, your business, your friends, your family, and yourself. It’s the essence of creativity, the stuff of movements, and the hope for humanity. It’s time to quit painting by numbers, conforming to patterns, and checking off boxes. It’s time to GET WEIRD.
The book was easy to read, and very encouraging for people who don't quite fit in. It was also helpful for people who are still looking for whatever it is that sets them apart. Visit the link above for a weirdness quiz you can take for yourself!

CJ Casciotta is a writer and serial media maker passionate about helping people discover and own their unique identity or in other words, what makes them weird. As a writer and communicator, he’s traveled all over the world inspiring communities like Lululemon, The Salvation Army, TEDx, and Charity:Water. As a media director and producer he’s collaborated on projects with MGM Studios, The United Nations Foundation, and more. He created the popular podcast, Sounds Like a Movement, which has hosted culture-shaping voices like Seth Godin, Shauna Neiquist, and Krista Tippett. In addition, CJ’s work has been featured by MTV, RELEVANT, Catalyst, and Q. A native New Yorker, he now lives in Nashville with his wife, Kelly, and his two kids, Selah and Mack. 

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