Saturday, September 29, 2018

Healthy Habits: Another Mother Runner

Do you like running? You might be interested the Another Mother Runner Holiday Gift Pack, from acclaimed authors and creators of the women's running community and training programs, including a hit podcast, Sarah Bowen Shea and Dimity McDowell.

Product Description:

In colder temps, motivation to move can sometimes go MIA, so we packaged it up in one place!

The Another Mother Runner Holiday Pack has all your lace-up-and-go essentials: a sassy, long-sleeve tech shirt; Tales from Another Mother Runner, an inspirational collection of essays; and choice of training program (10K, half-marathon, or marathon) from the Train Like a Mother Club. 

Whether she's a new runner or on her 15th marathon, the comprehensive Train Like a Mother Club training programs support from the first step to the finish line. Expert, accessible coaches; motivating, supportive teammates; and podcasts and weekly newsletters filled with tips and information are the foundation of every program.

The result? After she receives the AMR holiday pack, she'll head out the door—and enjoy many happy, stylish miles. 

Bonus: Each gift pack has a bonus goodie to delight and serve her well during her training. Two lucky recipients will receive a "golden ticket," good for registration to race of her choice (exceptions apply). Only the first 50 holiday packs sold will contain these two golden tickets!

Total price for all this Mother Runner love? $85 plus free domestic shipping until November 28! 

Another Mother Runner, founded by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, has cultivated a community of like-minded women with similar goals and challenges since their best-selling book Run Like a Mother, published in 2010, hit the shelves and struck a chord with audiences across the country. Train Like a Mother followed in 2012, and Tales from Another Mother Runner completed the trilogy in 2015. AMR has since expanded into a podcast, online store for sassy running tees and accessories, active social community, popular blog, and training club.

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