Monday, October 29, 2018

Book Nook: Dragon's Heir - The Archeologist's Tale

The leading scientific theory says that the dinosaurs died in a sudden mass extinction. Author and board-certified doctor Glenn Parris, in his new novel Dragon's Heir: The Archeologist's Tale, imagines that paleontology's reckoning of 3% of the fossil record had it wrong—that the Cretaceous inhabitants simply evacuated when the going got rough.

Dragon's Heir introduces a cast of non-mammalian sentient beings called Efilu, who lived on earth with the dinosaurs. An oncoming catastrophe of their own creation approach, and they gather together the intelligent species, leaving behind The Keepers with their leader Dragon to restore the world.

65 million years later, a group of Efilu returns to search for a cure to a plague threatening their civilization. But the Keepers are nowhere to be found, and the world is overrun by mammals.

I had a chance to review this book, which was intriguing and fascinating. I enjoy sci-fi and fantasy books, and this definitely fits in that genre. It will appeal to a broad variety of readers, incorporating adventure and elements of multiculturalism and diversity. Listen to the excerpt below to get a taste for this novel.

A board-certified rheumatologist, author Glenn Parris has practiced medicine in the Northeast Atlanta suburbs for more than 25 years. He's been writing for nearly that long. Originally from New York City, Parris migrated south to escape the cold and snow and fell in love with Southern charm and Carla, his wife of 27 years. He now writes cross-genre books in medical mystery, science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction. The Renaissance of Aspirin, a Jack Wheaton medical mystery, was his debut novel. Also look for Unbitten: A Vampire Dream for Halloween!

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