Friday, October 12, 2018

DIY Smart Home

The smart home revolution is really here: scores of smart devices dedicated to making home life easier and keep utility bills lower are readily available at prices that the average family can afford. From smart assistants like the Amazon Echo series of products to the Nest Thermostat, these devices are changing lives of mothers everywhere by automating once pesky tasks, increasing home security, and keeping track of dates and grocery lists so that they don’t have to.

For an example on how these devices make life simpler, the Nest Thermostat actually programs itself, learning the schedule of you and your family in order to keep people comfortable when they are in the house while minimizing energy use when they are aren’t. The Nest can also be programmed remotely from your phone, wherever you are in the world. This is one of many household appliances that have now been rendered smart, a list that also includes light bulbs, doorbells, and even ovens.

Families across the U.S. have spoken: according to, household penetration of smart home technology has already reached 32% and is projected to hit 53% by 2022. No statistics exist on families bringing back the old, dumb versions of household appliances: once you go smart you never go back.

While moms might be intimidated by the potential installation and setup required for smart devices, they are really quite simple to install, requiring a minimum of time and effort to set up. The family can have them connected to the wifi and interfacing with each other in no time at all. Check out this guide for a DIY approach to turning your home into a smart home, and joining the rest of the 32% of American households that have already done so. 

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