Friday, November 2, 2018

Book Nook: Water Entanglement

Since the creation of earth, water and crystals have woven a billion-years-long tapestry that has captured the cycles of nature's evolution. It has observed the appearance of humans and their troubled, but fascinating, development and the energies and vibrations of everything that is part of this amazing eco-system.

Author Claudiu Murgan cleverly posits that water is a living, breathing life force in his latest book, Water Entanglement, a manifesto that brings awareness to the very real water crisis through an imaginative and engaging science fiction tale.

The story is set in 2055, when water, the primordial element that springs forth life, is waged in a fierce battle with those who've abused her, most notably greedy corporations that are pillaging the earth. Hayyin, the hidden identity of Cherry Mortinger, a limnologist (one who studies inland waters), is leading the revolution against the irresponsible companies. She sets out to prove that water indeed has a memory; that she's alive; and she's very, very angry. Can the human race survive such overwhelming rage?

I had a chance to interview Claudiu to learn more.

1. Why did you decide to write this book?
   At the end of the TV interview I gave back in September 2017 when I launched my first novel, The Decadence of Our Souls, the host asked me what is my next project. On an impulse I said that I’m going to write about water. At that time I had no plot in mind and didn’t know how powerful the message would be. I also think that spending time with Nina Munteanu, my editor, and the author of Water Is… influenced my subconscious. The research that followed proved that the choice I made touched on a very sensitive issue very few understand.

2. Why is water such an important theme for humanity?
    One of the most common statements one hears when a discussion about water starts is that ‘we are made of water’. Everything around us involves water and without ‘her’, we’ll perish. A society could switch from the scarce carbon-based resources to renewable energies, but it can’t switch from water to a substitute that has the same properties, behaves so unexpectedly and sustains life on earth. Talking about the scarcity of water should be the MOST important discussion at the government level. Without water no social structure will survive and no border will hold the migration of population. Water wars are not a myth but a reality in various parts of the world. By tainting the remaining freshwater resources, we jeopardize our own existence as a species.

3. In your book you mention Toronto as a hub of water activism and technology. Is it based in fiction or fact?
    The initial idea is based on fiction but I would like to see Toronto becoming the hub of water activism I’m talking in the book and get a firmer stand on various issues that are not ‘politically correct’. The city’s multi-cultural background has created the notion of niceness about us, which is good to have, but at the same time, we can’t allow the big corporations dictate how to use the Canadian fresh-water resources. 

Water Entanglement is the second book from author Claudiu Murgan. His first novel, The Decadence of Our Souls (September 2017), weaves a meaningful story of what can happen when a young, pure soul is tempted by the offerings of a technologically advanced society. The Decadence of Our Souls was translated in the Romanian language and published in Romania in June 2018. Water Entanglement is in the process of being translated and published in Romania by the end of 2018.
Murgan was born in Romania and has called Canada home since 1997. He started writing science fiction when he was 11 years old. Since then, he has met remarkable writers who have helped him improve his own trade. Murgan's experience in various industries such as IT, renewable energy, real estate and finance, have helped him create complex but real characters that brought forward meaningful messages. Murgan is also a member of the recently created Immigrant Writers Association, Toronto, Canada.
Fifty percent of the royalties generated online for Water Entanglement benefit Project Aware –
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