Friday, November 23, 2018

Website Spotlight: Shopbrain Extension

Shopbrain today announces the launch of its latest product - an AI-powered shopping assistant that helps online shoppers find the best price in seconds - in the U.S. and Canada.  The browser extension can be easily added to Chrome and automatically activates when users browse for products online, searching other retailers across the web to find the best price on their chosen products in seconds.

Shoppers know it’s easy to be fooled by promotions touting the best deals. Eighty-six percent of Americans say that the ability to compare prices from several different sellers is important to their final purchasing decision. To find the lowest price online, consumers spend valuable time researching the best price before making a decision on a product. Through AI, Shopbrain searches more than 10,000 retailers, merchants, and search engines, including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, and Google Shopping and catalogues over 1 billion products. The Shopbrain shopping assistant always provides customer reviews for products, so shoppers can evaluate quality against price.

“There is no need for shoppers in this digital age to be wasting time manually researching deals and the best prices. Shopbrain can benefit every online shopper - if there’s a better price, we’ll find it, so you don’t have to,” said James Cunningham, CEO and Co-founder of Shopbrain. “With Shopbrain, customers no longer need to rely on a retailer’s word and with behemoths like Amazon gaining more and more of the online shoppers’ retail market, this is critical. Instead, consumers can quickly and efficiently compare current and past prices and reviews throughout the web. This Holiday season, we guarantee you a stress-free shopping experience with less time spent looking online for the right price and best quality product. We are proud to be bringing this efficient, and easy-to-use tool to the online shopping market to empower consumers as they browse online.”

As Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach, millions are expected to be shopping online for deals. Shopbrain will allow shoppers to get back to enjoying their lives knowing they found the best price for their holiday purchases.

Shopbrain’s parent company, Yroo, was founded by James Cunningham and Nick Zhu and has raised over $15 million USD since its inception. The Shopbrain AI-powered shopping assistant is the latest product development from the company.
For the better way to shop, consumers can visit or the Chrome Web Store to add this money-saving feature to their browsers.


About Shopbrain
Shopbrain, from meta-search engine and big data company Yroo, is a virtual shopping assistant powered by artificial intelligence to find online shoppers the best price in real time. The shopping assistant empowers users to discover and compare prices and customer reviews, aggregating current and historical data from thousands of retailers in seconds and ultimately saving online shoppers time and money. Shopbrain is a privately-owned company based in Dublin, Ireland with corporate offices in Toronto, Canada.

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