Friday, December 7, 2018

Book Nook: Musing Mediterranean - Fun, Family, and Faraway Places Transform an Anxious Traveler

I love to travel, and so it's always fun to read about other people's experiences on their travel. Beth Daigle approached travel very differently than I do - I love to travel, while she was anxious about it.

When her husband, Tony, announced that he was planning a two-week Mediterranean cruise, she wasn’t exactly excited. Plagued by anxieties about leaving home and air travel, as well as the fact that this was to be a multi-generational family vacation including her parents, daughters, sister and her family, there was some definite potential for disaster. Despite that phobia and reluctance, though, the Mediterranean called her in a way that she couldn’t deny—she’s half Greek and half Italian, and seeing her ancestral countries had always been a dream. Musing Mediterranean is the full account of that dream coming true—from the planning phase to the return home, Daigle takes us along on her family’s journey through Rome, Sicily, Athens, Ephesus, the Greek Islands, and Naples.

The book is well-written - it does a delightful job of describing the sites and history, and really helps the reader experience her journey along with her.

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