Thursday, March 28, 2019

Book Nook: Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James Mystery Series - Die Again, Mr. Holmes

Sherlock Holmes is a well-known literary character - famous enough that even people who haven't read his books have an idea of the detective. I recently had a chance to review a book  from the Sherlock Holmes & Lucy James Mystery Series -- Die Again, Mr. Holmes. This book, which is eighth in the series, works as a stnadalone novel - my daughter and I had never read any of the previous books but enjoyed reading these.

The series is written by a father-daughter duo, with Holmes as the father of Lucy James, an independent American actress. Lucy lives in Victorian London and is just as brave and intelligent as her father. Working together, Holmes and James solve crimes in the Conan Doyle tradition. The book is appropriate for readers young and old, written with clean language and family-friendly content.

Charles Veley has loved Sherlock Holmes since boyhood. As a father, he read the entire canon to his then-ten-year-old daughter at evening story time. Now this very same daughter, grown up to become acclaimed historical novelist Anna Elliott (the Twilight of Avalon trilogy; The Pride & Prejudice Chronicles), has worked with him to develop critically acclaimed adventures in The Sherlock Holmes and Lucy James Mystery Series! Following the release of The Last Moriarty (2015) and The Wilhelm Conspiracy (2016) – books #1 and #2 in the Sherlock & Lucy series, penned solely by Veley – Veley and Elliott’s collaboration has since brought readers the 2017 releases Remember, Remember, The Crown Jewel Mystery, The Jubilee Problem, and Death at the Diogenes Club, the 2018 novel The Return of the Ripper, and Die Again, Mr. Holmes, released January 2, 2019.

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