Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Website Spotlight: Ask the Builder

The Ask the Builder video channel on YouTube recently surpassed 100,000 subscribers and continues to grow. 

The Ask the Builder YouTube videos feature national award-winning builder and remodeler Tim Carter demonstrating how to do a wide variety of home building, remodeling, and repair projects. His 3-Way Switch video alone has been viewed 1,398,557 times and all his videos combined have 60,292,151 views. Carter’s How to Floor Grout video has helped 1,193,844 DIYrs and pros install high-strength grout in between their floor tiles.

Consumers and pros watch the Ask the Builder videos. In just the past twenty-eight days the total watch time exceeded 1,050,870 minutes. In that same time period there were 446,000 additional videos views and Carter’s channel added another 1,428 subscribers.

Visit the Ask the Builder channel. as well

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