Thursday, April 4, 2019

Amazing Apps: StayHealthy

Augmented Reality (AR) has given rise to the popularity of mobile AR experiences and become a standard part of everyday life through television advertising as a key part of program formats.The widespread use of smartphones, tablet devices, and systems that facilitate those experiences are creating more compelling and advanced interactions with consumers. Stayhealthy believes that this will be especially the case when it comes to children’s health and wellness. AR has never been used before to educate and entertain children in a way that involves them at a young age to understand good health practices through next generation apps based on decades of successful healthcare research and technology.

Stayhealthy, Inc., is a company which regards health as the most critical problem faced by the U.S. today and has a passion to make America healthier.

The company has spent the last twenty years aggressively pursuing science-based research to define the best way to use advanced technologies to give people a better understanding of their own personal healthcare.  Based on years of studies, Stayhealthy, Inc. has launched a dynamic new mobile experience for children called Color Quest™: an Art Adventure - a first-of-its-kind AR driven app. The app is designed to engage them through experiential landscapes, activities, and interactive steps that get them involved in understanding their own bodies in a fun and educational way. Through its use of AR, Color Quest delivers characters and interactions that draw children into a game-like setting without prompting them they are, in fact, learning about their own health in addition to playing. This is the first of a suite of personalized AR healthcare apps to be introduced by the company in 2019.

Stayhealthy is betting that creating a more compelling learning experience for children will lead to a decrease in the growing child obesity epidemic that has been sweeping the country for years.

Color Quest™ provides children a great way of staying healthy and one that never existed before. Prior to Stayhealthy’s debut healthcare app, no one has produced an app that includes augmented reality with the end goal of impacting a positive change in childhood health and wellness. Animated characters that include fruits, vegetables, and bodily organs (such as oranges, carrots and heart), entertain while educating as a child works through all the engaging activities and coloring experiences. Once colored on a mobile device, the Color Quest™ characters are activated through augmented reality technology (AR).

 This spring, Stayhealthy is introducing its underlying patented BFI (Body Fact Index) technology, which represents a highly accurate alternative and challenge to BMI. Unlike BMI which is noted for its inaccuracy, the BFI is up to 98% accurate. The company’s patented augmented reality technology is incorporated into this soon-to-be released app and offers the additional advantage of not requiring any wearables.

The BFI app is a game changer that is destined to play a pivotal role in giving consumers an all-inclusive experience in managing their own health, measuring excess body fat, and creating a healthier lifestyle.

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ABOUT STAYHEALTHY, INC. - Stayhealthy Inc., is an engagement-based technology company that uses FDA cleared technologies and devices to track and support users to change their health for the better. On target are the epidemic of diseases such as Type 2 diabetes and 18 types of cancer that are linked directly to excess body fat. Stayhealthy’s true innovation in healthcare screening using mobile platforms through which to screen for excess fat is disruptive. The underlying technology represents a highly accurate alternative to BMI (Body Mass Index), which is still widely used even though it was developed in 1833 and is recognized as being an inaccurate measure of body fat. Stayhealthy Inc., is challenging the standard BMI measurement and has innovated by introducing its patent pending BFI (Body Fact Index). Stayhealthy used advanced modeling techniques such as neuralnet and machine learning to analyze large data sets and develop algorithms for men, women, and children. This research has allowed the company to predict body fat percent and lean body mass percent with 98% accuracy over time and using only basic biometric profile parameters. The BFI is going to revolutionize the way individuals and healthcare professionals measure body mass, body fat, and overall health. Color Quest is the first to be released in Stayhealthy’s suite of apps that are due in 2019. For more information go to:

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