Monday, May 20, 2019

Enriching Education: Camp Invention

I recently had a chance to interview Jayme Cellitioci, creativity and innovation strategist at the National Inventors Hall of Fame, about a great summer opportunity called Camp Invention.

Why do things like Camp Invention help promote STEM education?
Camp Invention promotes the building of STEM skills in the context of invention and innovation through hands-on, dynamic challenges. As children work toward solving these challenges, often delivered by Our Nation’s Greatest Innovators™ —  National Inventors Hall of Fame® Inductees — STEM is the natural vehicle for bringing many of their ideas to life. When children learn STEM concepts in a supportive, enriching environment as a result of their desire to make a prototype light up or move, they lay the nutrient-rich soil to grow the seeds of STEM as they come upon them in formal academics.

What are some other ways parents can encourage educational activities at home when kids aren't at school or camp?
STEM begins at home. A kitchen, backyard or patio is a child’s first laboratory. Your recycle bin is the ultimate treasure trove to give children access to testing various materials and using them to put ideas into prototype (or model) form. Families are much more likely to engage in STEM in everyday life when materials are easily accessible and a natural part of family time. Consider having a small corner of a room or shelf dedicated to easy-to-access materials, such as magnets and magnifying glasses along with objects from nature (e.g., various rocks). In addition, have books (e.g., field guides) on hand to encourage the enjoyment of learning.

What sets Camp Invention apart from other STEM-focused camps?
Each year, the Camp Invention program features a new curriculum inspired and informed by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Inductees. For 2019, the Supercharged™ curriculum features personalized video challenges from these Inductees encouraging children to be confident in their ideas and explore their ability to innovate. In addition, Camp Invention partners with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. This partnership results in children understanding their ideas have value, and they can change the world through the combined power of intellectual property, STEM, entrepreneurship and innovation!

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  • In Camp Invention, children team up with inventor superheroes to learn about the importance of intellectual property and the U.S. patent system.

  • Throughout the Camp Invention week, campers adapt their remote-controlled DIY Orbots to perform increasingly challenging tasks.

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