Saturday, May 11, 2019

Music Minute: Sean McCullough - Earworm

Earworms are not always seen as a positive - those songs that get stuck in your head can be pretty annoying. One artist is embracing the term, though, with catchy tunes that are family-friendly and fun.

I had a chance to review Earworm by WDVX Radio host and songwriter Sean McCullough. McCollough, a fixture in the Appalachian folk and Americana scenes and a University of Tennessee music professor, is well known around Knoxville for his music, radio show and festival presentations. His 2010 album This Is Our House won a Parents’ Choice Award. Sean's vocals, once described as “deep and sultry,” sound warm and jaunty on these tracks. The thoughtful lyrics and a variety of sounds are often enhanced with a bright chorus of children’s voices.
More information is in this press release.

It's a fun album to listen to - full of energy, easy to understand, easy to sing along. If you enjoy listening to creative, fun music, this is a great album for the whole family.

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