Tuesday, June 11, 2019

World Wisdom: Alphabet Rockers Podcast - So Get Me

On June 15th, GRAMMY nominees Alphabet Rockers will launch a new podcast for activist kids and families: So Get Me. Each episode features a danceable track from their acclaimed album Rise Shine #Woke, and young activists share the ways they stand up to hate. Host Samara Atkins takes listeners backstage with Kaitlin, Tommy and several Alphabet Rocker kids and special guests.
The first episode “Walls” features host Samara Atkins with the founders of Alphabet Rockers, a young activist who organized an immigrant rights rally in Oakland, and a freestyle session with DJ Wonway Posibul (aka Juan Amador). The episode also features numerous voices of kids talking about what it means to stand up for one another and the immigrant advocacy song “Walls.” In upcoming episodes, Lily and Maya share their black girl magic while Lil’ Tommy and Kali throw shine on the skin they’re in. Podcast guests include New York Times best-selling author Kate Schatz and 11-year-old Michaella, whose parents gave her all the love she needed to come out as transgender. So Get Me is recorded at Zoo Labs, and a podcast release party is planned at their studios in Oakland, CA .
“So Get Me is a lyric from one of our songs. It simply means that our ideas are valued and heard,” says Kaitlin McGaw who, along with Tommy Shepherd, are the two core members of Alphabet Rockers. Tommy adds, “We spin the hip hop you love and meet kids making our world better every day.”
Alphabet Rockers are a nationally touring Bay Area based hip hop group which addresses complex issues around identity and social justice. Their 2017 album Rise Shine #Woke offers a set of songs to get kids moving while sparking discussions in homes and classrooms. On August 8th, Alphabet Rockers will release a new album of original songs focused on gender identity called The LOVE. The first single “Not Alone” is currently spinning on Kids Place Live on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, and more music will be available for previews soon.
Visit alphabetrockers.com for the latest updates about concerts, new videos and other initiatives.

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