Saturday, August 3, 2019

Amazing Apps: SellHound

SellHound today launched its smartphone app that lets anyone snap a few photos of an item and create an optimized eBay listing with a single tap - no typing necessary. The new app enables sellers to easily list countless items with professional descriptions and expert pricing. SellHound is rolling out for eBay today and will soon announce additional secondhand marketplace capability. 

The new app’s innovative “recommerce” engine identifies a seller’s item and searches it across nearly two dozen of the most popular secondhand marketplaces, such as eBay, Poshmark and Mercari, and then creates the most effective listing to sell the item. By optimizing the listing, SellHound shortens the sales cycle and improves the seller’s margins. 

“Selling on secondhand marketplaces is in our DNA as a company,” said Suzanne Wouk, CEO and co-founder of SellHound and on eBay since it was called AuctionWeb. “We designed this app from the ground up to eliminate the cumbersome and time-consuming issues we as eBay resellers face every day.”

I had a chance to do an interview to learn more.

Why was SellHound launched?
I've selling on eBay for over 20 years. As the known "seller" among my family and friends, I was already creating people's eBay listings for them based on pictures they would send me of their items. One day I thought - there should be an app for that!

How much time can it actually save people?
Using SellHound takes only as long as snapping the photos. We do all the research, writing, pricing and suggest shipping for you as well as fill out eBays lengthy form. Some of our users who are full-time sellers have gone from listing 6-8 items per hour to 20-30 items per hour using our app - allowing them to vastly increase their reselling business' potential without hiring additional employees.

Besides time-saving what are the benefits in terms of the automatically-created listings?
Our listings are created using a combination of technologies as well as real humans, and it finds the best SEO optimized keywords for your item as well as the maximum amount of item specifics for eBay giving your items much more visibility in search results. We also competitively price your item for you based on sold prices of similar items. 

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