Saturday, August 31, 2019

Parenting Pointers: Are You Ready for the School Year?

Summer holiday tans are fading and the school bell has rung- the school year is in full swing! Regardless of how organized and prepared you were for the first day of school, the stresses and strains at the start of a new academic year may still be lingering. Whether you’re in need of additional schoolsupplies or your morning and evening routine needs some tweaking, consumer expert, Andrew Krasny, shares tips and tools to keep the school year running smoothly.

·         TAKE A LAST- MINUTE VACATION: There’s never a bad time to think about a relaxing family getaway to breeze into the schoolyear,
·         COLLEGE READY: Prepping for college means more than just new school supplies. Whether it’s a new apartment or the first year in the dorms, make sure your new digs are ready for the year ahead.
·         TACKLE THE MESSBack to school means getting back into a laundry routine which likely includes washing dirty sports uniforms and removing tough stains. Are your washer and dryer ready?
·         SQUEEZE IN QUALITY TIME: Dinner doesn’t always mean rushing home to cook. Think about alternative options for meal time like dining out when schedules get frantic.

(Note: I was late in posting this - but last-minute vacations can still happen during those long weekends in fall!)
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Andrew Krasny began his career in college answering fan mail for Joan Rivers, which led him to become a long-term writer and producer for the legendary comedienne.  He then went on to “warm-up” hundreds of television studio audiences.  He also found success behind the camera producing on Leeza and receiving an Emmy nomination for his work as a producer on The Martin Short Show. Eventually, his irreverent personality led him backon-stage with on-air correspondent positions with talk shows including Donny & MarieThe Martin Short Show, Soap Talk, Dennis Miller, the Emmy award winning Wayne Brady Show, Bonnie Hunt and The Doctors. Andrew hosted the relationship show Crush on the USA Network and currently can be seen on the Tennis Channel and Europsort with his unique pre and post-match interviews of professional tennis players.  He also lends his enthusiasm and expertise on consumer trends, toys and gadgets to countless TV Shows, news and radio programs speaking on behalf of companies including HP, The Home Depot, Target, Levi Straus, Starbucks, just to mention a few.  Andrew also serves as a corporate host and motivational coach.  Currently, he travels both the US and around the world as an announcer for the ATP World and WTA Tennis Tours.

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