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Book Nook: Earth Speaks Up

When describing our need to shift our relationship with our planet, Mary E. McNerney uses this analogy, “Our relationship right now with Earth, and where our relationship needs to go, is rather like this: you’re walking down the sidewalk and pass a stranger coming the other way; you’re aware of each other but there’s no connection, no interaction or engagement. Further down the sidewalk, you encounter an old friend; you’re both so happy to connect and there is a mutual exchange of words, emotions, and energy between you two; there’s a wonderful energetic vibe that flows, and you both find yourselves nourished and uplifted by this vibration even as you go your separate ways down the sidewalk.”

Earth Speaks Up gives us amazingly simple exercises to shift into that new relationship and to learn to attune to Earth’s voice and vibration. Learning to attune and connect with her then lays the foundation for learning to work together with her on the fundamental energetic level in profound new ways.

Earth Speaks Up shows us how to shift from being relatively disconnected strangers passing by each other into a full, alive and dynamic relationship. We are shown that Earth is a much more complex, sentient, and evolving spiritual being than we have ever realized. And we learn how each one of us can engage with Earth and work collaboratively to benefit not only our planet but ourselves.

I had a chance to interview her. She says:
This is a book which provides a dynamic new perspective on our planet Earth, as well as providing insight on the major role we each can play in supporting Earth’s well-being. Below I’ve provided some insights on the 3 questions you raised
Why did you decide to write this book?
Earth Speaks Up is a rich, expansive, and mind-opening book which reveals to us that our planet Earth is not at all as we see it; Earth is a conscious, sentient and communicating being, eager to engage with each one of us, and who seeks to teach us to attune to her. It presents an entirely new shift in our way of thinking.

I will readily say that writing a book of this nature was not at all on my radar! At the time I was a corporate lawyer, buried in paperwork and ensconced in negotiating contracts and managing matters of business logistics. Considering concepts of a sentient, expressive Earth were certainly not on the top of my to-do list.

All of this changed for me quite suddenly and unexpectedly - it’s a lovely story, and to condense it here loses some of the wonder and surprise I experienced - when one day I distinctly and unmistakably heard the words “Take dictation from the Earth”. I knew immediately that was from the angelic realm, there was no one else there. It’s hard to encapsulate my surprise in words. After recovering from the shock, I thought it was a profound idea, but certainly more suited to the illustrious and knowledgeable spiritual persons of our time. When some months later, I heard the exact same request, I concluded I should give it a try. Having no idea what to do, I simply sat there with pen in hand. Suddenly, the dictation started coming; it was hard for my pen, hand, and mind to keep up with it. This process continued over the ensuing months and years and became this book.

I like to share the story of how I came to write this book (and more details are shared in the Author’s Notes in the book) to illustrate for you that having certain spiritual or ecological qualifications are not prerequisites to being able to attune to and work co-creatively with the Earth. Earth’s guidance is available to each one of us if we are simply open to receive it. We are readily and continually invited to expand our understanding of who our planet truly is.

Earth Speaks Up shows us how we can join and work together with Earth in an entirely new way for the benefit of us all. Included are simple exercises to help our new way of being take root. This book creates a new pathway for us all.

Why is it so important for us to make eco-friendly choices as individuals?
I have learned that we can do much more than simply make eco-friendly choices!

Up to this point in time, we have believed that all we can do, individually, is to conserve energy, recycle, use public transportation, and other such eco-friendly things. However, Earth Speaks Up clearly and unequivocally shows us that there is an entirely new direction which we can and must pursue to aid the health and well-being of our planet, and ourselves. Earth Speaks Up shows us that when we attune to Earth’s voice and vibration and learn to work together with her on the fundamental energetic level of co-creation, we can bring about incredible healing and change in the physical realm. This book provides wisdom, guidance and tools from Earth and the Angelic Realm to help each one of us learn to work together with Earth in this dynamic new way.

Throughout history, our understanding of Earth has been a series of awakenings: we once believed Earth was flat, until explorers showed us otherwise; we believed Earth was the center of the universe until astronomers showed us a new reality; we saw Earth as static and stationary until we learned it rotates on an axis. Today, we still hold to the belief that Earth is an inert ball of dirt and rock, and thus we’re limited to making eco-friendly choices in our efforts to care for our planet.

But today, our understanding of Earth is brought to our next new awakening: Earth is a conscious, sentient and communicating being and we each have an innate ability to work together with her in a way we had previously not perceived.

I really believe that if we each, individually, embrace this new understanding and new way of working together with Earth, we will be at the nexus of change for our planet’s well-being.

How can we advocate for others, especially larger groups, to make good choices for the planet?
What the young activist from Sweden, Greta Thunberg is doing, speaking out about climate change and rallying people around the world, is wonderful and powerful advocacy. Voices like hers are definitely crucial, as is the work of scientists and thinkers and creative visionaries for ecological care and conservation. We all agree that “something must be done”; “somebody” - big government, big corporations, big groups - must do something because these are big problems and require big physical action.

We feel there’s little we can do beyond pushing these big powers to change and make better choices; we each think “I’m just an ordinary individual, there’s nothing I can really do to make a difference.” But what Earth Speaks Up shows us is that we each have the innate capability to work together with Earth on the energetic level. When we work on this level it creates a foundation for change and healing on the physical level, in our 3-dimensional world.

This book shows us how to begin doing that; it provides guidance and exercises for how we each, individually, can work with Earth on this energetic level. And when we each are doing this, connecting and working on this energetic level, it has a ripple effect. The effect can become quite profound.

So, from this perspective, I would say that it’s not solely about being advocates or getting others to change and make good choices for the planet. It is about each of us re-framing our perspective of Earth, and recognizing we each, individually, have a major role to play in the health and well-being of our planet. This book provides the guidance for us to engage with Earth in this entirely new way, and enter into our new role.

Earth Speaks Up gets us thinking outside the box. It gets us questioning what we think we know, so we can open ourselves to new ways of being in the world, because clearly what we’re doing now is not working well for Earth or for ourselves - it’s time for a wholly new approach, a new beginning.

Mary McNerney earned her law degree from Georgetown University, had a fellowship with the UN Commission on International Trade Law, and then worked for many years as a corporate and international lawyer in Boston and Prague. It was not her plan to write this book. She never imagined that the Spirit of the Earth would one day unmistakably, clearly, and shockingly speak to her. Mary says that the experience has put her on an entirely different trajectory than she ever envisioned as a corporate lawyer. She shares “In a wild and wonderful way I instead became a messenger on behalf of our planet Earth.” Mary now lives in Massachusetts together with her husband and horses. She enjoys riding her horse through the woods and fields and being more deeply with the many dimensions of nature.

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