Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Caring Causes: Oliver the Ornament

There's a BOGO offer for any Oliver the Ornament books sold on World Kindness Day,  Wednesday, November 13. 
For Oliver the Ornament and his creator, Todd Zimmermann, BOGO means Buy one, GIVE one: for every book sold, we'll donate one book to a children's hospitals. Would love for you to alert your followers to that.
Oliver the Ornament is a 7-book, Christmas-themed series that teaches kindness via the adventures of a cast of Christmas tree ornament. Oliver has been recognized as a hottest or best gift of the season by People magazine and Fox & Friends and it's launched a free kindness program for classroom teachers. Todd Zimmermann, the author, has donated 3,000+ books to children's hospitals and classrooms across the country, so the extension of this BOGO makes perfect sense. He's celebrating the day in Wisconsin by taking part in an Oliver the Ornament-themed event at his childhood elementary school. 
The message is particularly important these days as cyber and in-person bullying seems to be on the rise. 

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