Friday, November 1, 2019

Caring Causes: Oxfam Gifts

The winter holidays are almost upon us and with that comes gift shopping for loved ones. Oxfam Gifts features dozens of gifts that symbolically represent the organization’s lifesaving work. Each purchase is a contribution toward Oxfam’s many programs that help people living in poverty throughout the world. The online catalog allows shoppers to personalize their card and download it as a PDF to be printed at home or to send via email as an e-card which is perfect for last-minute shoppers.

For the one who is the G.O.A.T.
No kid-ding here—this gift is an invaluable resource for rural communities. A hardy goat is the gift of sustainability, which means fertilizer and food for families—especially those living in areas that cannot support less-durable critters.

For the one who values hygiene
Life-saving suds. For many of us, a bar of soap is a staple by the sink. For others, a bar of soap can save a life. In the aftermath of a disaster, soap can stop the spread of disease or keep a child healthy. This gift supplies 100 bars of multipurpose soap. So, help families lather up!

For the one who supports community gardening
Right now millions of people are facing starvation. Investing in community gardens in remote areas where markets are scarce helps families work their way back from the brink of famine. Growing peas, okra, and tomatoes provides them with healthy, sustainable food, and can also grow their income: selling surplus veggies in markets generates money and food for neighbors.

For the one who cares about the planet (and loves a joke)
No need to feel like a stinker when you give manure to a loved one. This green gift transforms waste into power—agricultural power. Organic manure increases crop yields and is cheaper, greener, and safer than chemical fertilizers. So, show your loved ones that you really “give a $%@#” for our planet.

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