Friday, December 13, 2019

Amazing Apps: Shopafor

Recently launched, Shopafor is a first-of-its-kind social networking gifting space - created by parents for parents. The unique online platform removes the biggest challenges of gift giving by utilizing advanced algorithms to provide gift recommendations and make gifting a fun, social experience. It is the first and only social networking space dedicated to helping families and friends buy and receive the perfect gifts.
Many people rely on Facebook to let them know when family and friends are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries - Shopafor takes users a step further: a reminder, a gift recommendation determined by Artificial Intelligence (AI), the ability to show followers the gifts that their family really wants, verified reviews, and the end of awkwardly sharing registry links for each occasion to family and friends.
Frustrated by the slew of inappropriate gifts his daughter received at her first birthday party, founder and CEO, Chris Herbert sought a solution to this ever-occurring problem. “After my daughter’s birthday, my wife and I were frustrated by the number of gifts that were either toys for kids 4-5 years older than her, or clothes that were for a child half her age. We saw it all as such a waste, and I wanted to figure out a solution to prevent it from happening again.”
Following a handful of informal focus groups, Herbert discovered that the issues that they had experienced were not uncommon among parents. Further research indicated that gift recommendations from major retailers tend to be too broad and therefore can lack accuracy for the intended recipients.
When polled, the vast majority of Moms stated that they wish they could have returned or prevented 25 percent of the gifts that their child received for a birthday or holiday celebration.
Shopafor utilizes data and insights via AI to understand the wants and needs of the gift recipient to create a unique algorithm that significantly increases a gift giver’s likelihood of buying the perfect gift. Right now, most gift giving recommendations rely on the buyer to know what the recipient likes best. However, what if you are shopping for your child’s classmate that you do not know well? The technology behind Shopafor removes the guesswork, potential embarrassment and exhaustive effort of finding the perfect gifts for children of all ages. It combines the best and most helpful features of gift buying, like registries and reminders, into one place to make everything easy and even fun.
Shopafor’s features include:
  • Recommendations specific to an individual, rather than broad age groups;
  • Registries that are continuously updated, rather than a new registry per occasion;
  • Reminders for special occasions;
  • Calendars to plan-ahead;
  • Social networking to connect with friends and family to share ideas;
  • Verified reviews from real Moms and Dads.
“We are thrilled to be launching Shopafor,” continued Herbert. “Families today are constantly on the move and rely so much on technology to get everything done, from grocery shopping to their holiday shopping. We wanted to make the gift buying process less cumbersome for everyone. Celebrations are supposed to be enjoyable events, and Shopafor’s technology can help make that happen by ensuring positive gift-giving and gift-receiving outcomes.”
About Shopafor
Shopafor is the first-of-its-kind socially connected Gift Hub created by parents for parents to make gift giving and receiving fun again – with advanced AI technology. Learn more at:
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